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We're broken in two with love as an anchor There's nothing to do but give in, give in Mirror less eyes give off a reflection The moonlight is fair as we rise again Oh, can we move on, can we move on From the love we've left behind? Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Frank Sinatra Dashing through the snow.

For Krisiun's Southern Storm , it's a personal story and - as with quite a few of my adventures in metal - the conclusion is a young me sitting in my bedroom farting in terror as something unexpected jumps through my headphones and into my brain. The guitars are a downtuned a bit, but I'd guess no lower than C. Kinda reminds me of some stuff I've heard Petrucci do using the neck pickup to get a clearer, rounder tone where you can distinctly hear all the notes. Kind of reminds me of Deicide though I think that for Krisiun it's just a gimmick with their lyrics.