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La bori tu no me conoce a mi

Hablando cosas que no han vivido que si esto y lo otro. Especially Tego Calderon and fucking don omar. It's the only club"fiesta" i'll go to In , Colombian artist Maluma became the first performer to have three nominated songs in the same year.

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I just discovered this website, and I was so excited to find it coz I've been tryin to get hold of some reggaeton music ever since I came back from Costa Rica and Cuba. I was there when he started to bad mouth his friends in the gender.

C,Tempo and Crazy Legz,dropped some reggaeton classics. I realized this while i was in NY bor summer. Anonymous January 10, It is spread out all LA. Y ke krajo es eso de los "nuyoricans" cabron??? November 12, Aunque estoy en busca de un papi que sea rican y que quiera ser mi papi. That will hopefully get Reggaeton noticed around here particularly amongst latinos.

Latin Grammy Award for Record of the Year - Wikipedia

Esos gringos van a terminar aprendiendo espanol!!! Prepaid Cell Phones October 28, And while we are talking about Daddy Yankee let me mu this moment to say fuck em!

I dont recomend you enter with that attitude 'cause if Emigra doesn't catch you, we will. The nigga even sang with Gloria Estafan!

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In the s, a style called Lovers rock became popular primarily in the United Kingdom by British performers of ballad-oriented reggae music. I was there when he announced that he had become a christian and had left the drugs alone.

And stop talkin bad bout whores,just cuz you to poor and ugly to get one. Oh and yu the oye mi canto that song was cool at first but now that song is shit its like played out nasty and i think that it was disrespectfull to throw daddy yankee on the 2nd remix and tsake tego off i mean tego is a veteran in the game he was the first artist to really get recognized in the us i mean that fool was on mun2 months before reggaeton really got air time shit well thats my opinion mmi everything and si no te gusta pues that s to bad.

No vales la pena como ser humano.

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bri JOSE November 30, Oh yeah and another mistake your ass made was Panama? Y si no te gusta los beats pue no escuche.

And it is taking over! Look I am Tired Of you making up shit just cuz u don't know shit bout music,much less reggaeton. Reggaeton will certainly keep growing.

You just keep talking and demonstrating how really dumb and worthless your knowledge is. They both pop stars!!! BluNtZ January 22, Reggaeton is the top sound which I like but if there is any one who wants to trade sounds here I am! Hola to all the Reggaeton lovers here i love reggaeton i love the beat to all the music and when they play the musica at the bailes i go crazy!

Spyware Removal October 29, I may have seemed a little harsh with some earlier comments about being latino, and i hope that all ive offended can look past my ridicolous comments. Nani January 19, All i am gonna say bout Alexsis y Fido is that they spend 99 percent of their time tryin to diss 50 Cent,whose never even heard either clnoce of their fucked up gayass names.

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