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Hints at the gothic grandeur of their past lurk in every corner, but the end compositional product that Distant Satellites provides is too polished for strands of gloom to ever swallow the whole. Arguably safe for much of its runtime, but at least the experimentation was well placed this time. Any hope of them making a return to those death roots is about as realistic as waiting for the new Kovenant album why anyone wants it I cannot fathom.

The "Step-by-Step" DVD is easy to follow when the moves are being broken down slowly, but when they are integrated into a fast-paced routine, it gets complicated. This is a great workout that gets your heart rate up quickly, and is perfect for when you're short on time. I know I will do this. When I was a hurt I could used some of the routines to modify in my set of routines and I enjoyed the routines. When I did my first actual Zumba workout I couldn't believe that I was done already and I did sweat a lot.