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The sculpture techniques used are unique for its time and include delicate features. Kid Kora thanked The Kansoul and Red Republik music record for giving him the opportunity to work with them, revealing that he is embarking on a new musical journey. Here is what Kid Kora had to say about leaving The Kansoul. It has a staircase on each of the four sides.

Oso ke na pio. Katamesis tou haous 3: Xristos Xolidis - Akou ton filo sou Hristos Holidis - Listen to your friend Me dio kouventes tha sto po With two a few words I'm going to say it to you Mono alithia tha sou po I'm only going to tell the truth As'tin na figi na sothis Let her go to save yourself Mi krinis gia na mi krithis Don't judge in order not to be judged Etsi ine ine i zoi That's life Pos na tin allaksis How can you change it Sou milai o filos sou Your friend is talking to you Ke prepi na ksehasis And you have to forget Refrain: