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Aladdin nasiras revenge pc game

Beyond that, Aladdin also swings on ropes, throws apples from a first-person view, and slides down wires. As you run through the worlds, you are tasked with finding jewels, coins, etc. There are ten different worlds to go through and in each world there are several different missions to complete. They have also thrown in the song "A Whole New World" as some of the background music.

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Collecting genie coins rewards you with slot machine pulls at the end of the level. Not a big deal once you figure out the logistics of it.

Disney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge

One minigame has Princess Jasmine riding a skateboard while another asks you to knock down as many targets as possible within a given time limit.

The emotional expression achieved by the character animation looks like it could be the product of one of Disney's artists. Aladdin is about to face his biggest adventure yet. As for the controls, they're erratic--it's often annoyingly difficult to make the easiest of platform jumps, and judging the distance to the hanging ropes can also prove to be a challenge.

You can also use your collected Genie coins in a bonus level where you get to spin a wheel and win extra lives -- you are assigned a set number of lives to complete the missions, and three "continues".

Helping him out in this 3D adventure are playable characters Jasmine, lago, Apu and, of course, that wisecrackin' Genie.

One nice feature was the footprints left behind by your character while running through the sand. You get to make use of all the buttons the controller has to offer which was not too difficult to master. This is not a quick game, nor is it terribly difficult. I found it easier to use the analog. Other common graphical issues, like polygon tearing and clipping, occur regularly.

Aladdin In Nasira's Revenge

Nasira's Revenge is made for children, and it's evident by the game's lack of difficulty. Play Now Download the full version. If your wallet is as thin as mine, save your pennies for the bigger releases this year. The characters themselves were well animated, there was no pixilation to speak of, and even with the different camera view changes, the characters changed appropriately.

As Aladdin proceeds through the game's 10 levels, the majority of the gameplay consists of collecting a variety of coins, flipping switches, and obtaining items through moronic tasks, like shooting still birds off a wire. Finding the necessary items is not as big a task as I thought it would be, although some of the items are pretty well hidden. Throughout the course of the game, you take control of Aladdin's monkey friend, Abu, as well as Princess Jasmine.

Younger players, whom the game is designed for, will likely be put off by the control problems mentioned earlier.

Nasira kicks off her vengeful plot by hypnotizing the palace guards and kidnapping Princess Jasmine and the Sultan. You will have the option to play the game using the regular D pad or the analog control. The sounds were real enough, but could have been done a little better.

Enter our hero, Aladdin and his crazy friend Genie. You are armed with a sword and the ability to collect apples and hurl them at guards. Jasmine hides in a huge vase and stealthily navigates the level Solid Gsme style.

There was one confusing thing about the camera view: Only problem is that the control is gamee backward until you stop, then start again. Disney Interactive Studios Release Date: Aladdin should be available by the time you read this.

Aladdin In Nasira's Revenge Download Game | GameFabrique

Aladdin In Nasira's Revenge. A-Z Index Worst Games nasirass While running through the game, the views of the surrounding are clean and clear -- running through water will slow your character and movement becomes restricted, while on ice you will slip and slide across the surface.

So, if you are running forward, the camera is to your back while you are pushing up on the directional control. Fall of Man Einhander. Aladdin may have vanquished the sinister Jafar in his last adventure, but that hasn't stopped Jafar's evil twin sister, Nasira, from seeking revenge.

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