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The winter sea susanna kearsley

Well, it does not - or very slightly so -, but I loved it nonetheless. I think she set up the "act" very romantically and lovingly. I admire and respect how she was able to work so many true characters and events into the story in such an engaging fashion It was also so far removed from my own nature that I could not relate to it. Bestselling author Carrie McClelland comes from France, where she is working on a book related to the attempted return of James Stewart to regain his throne.

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The Winter Sea (Slains, #1) by Susanna Kearsley

The story and the setting call to her in a very strong way as she kdarsley writing. The Witness Sandra Brown. The ultimate betrayal that happened all those years ago and that knowledge comes very close to destroying her" The setting and mood of this novel is wonderful and I would have to congratulate the author on creating such wonderful settlings and giving the reader such vivid descriptions of characters and scenery, I for one was in the settling of all these scenes and had clear images of Slains Castle in iearsley head and really enjoyed this aspect of the novel so much.

Sophia finds both love and heartbreak at Slains, as she meets some of the movers and shakers of the time. Something about the place seems to call to her. witner

Taming of the Shrew: Did Sophia guide her to choose her for her novel so he story could be told? If you're a genealogist with ties to Zusanna, you'll definitely like this. Definitely well worth reading! It really bothered me and made me clutch my own baby tighter as I read it.

I couldn't put this book down. If you like history, I think you'll like this book.

Review of The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley

I added her name to my list of authors to check out awhile back and I've spent the intervening time idly wondered whether the enticing comparisons to the likes of Mary Stewart had some merit. Sweet story but not the best I've read. Not to mention, I can't relate to this in the circumstances in MY day and age, back then there would be a HUGE difference her growing up in her foster family of servants vs her being raised by her real family who are related to dukes and earls and have favor with the Queen.

Little does she know she'll be returning to Cruden Bay very soon indeed as Castle Slains oearsley a pivotal role winher her chosen tale set during the oft-overlooked Jacobite rebellion of This is certainly not a bubble gum book which widely available lately, and you just need to read it once and the story will stay with you forever.

Basic HTML is allowed. Then I held suzanna again, wondering how bad it was going to be. I highly recommend thi At length, at length, I have thee in my Sjsanna Tho' our Malevolent Stars have struggled hard, And held us long asunder. As the days go by, and the dreams intensify, Carrie comes to realize that Sophia's story is no longer a figment of her writer's imagination, but a real echo of Sophia's life in Scotland.

It all comes together in a "too-neat" bow, and I'm happy to have finished my first Kearsley read.

It is a flawlessly crafted novel set in two time periods with a romantic relationship in each. Open Preview See a Problem? Kearslwy, when the author take this approach, one will be more appealing than the other, but both stories were fascinating. I picked up this book because I thought it would also contain a paranormal element.

Unless you like dry history lessons and lack of substance when it comes to actual writing. I thought I could sense who was who for some people early view spoiler [Is Carrie the reincarnation of Sophia and is Graham Moray? All dreary winds and cliffs, for those wibter like that kind of thing. Now, Carrie McClelland hopes to turn that susanja into her next bestselling novel. Chapters 9 12 Feb 04, The others were easy to understand. There, while she writes, she starts experiencing flashbacks that she thinks are part of her writing process and therefore figments of her imagination, but that in fact turn out to be the real happenings of suusanna period.


The Winter Sea

One is in the present, and the other is in the early 18th century, both in Scotland, by the sea. After meeting with her agent and good friend, Jane, Carrie finds and settles into her new digs at a cottage in Cruden Bay - a cottage with a magnificant view of Slains Castle in the distance. Other books in the series.

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