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Snuff discworld

None of this is to say that Snuff was anything but an enjoyable read and if the best of Discworld has already been written I'm still happy to read the lesser additions. Where is he going with this? The aim of the concert is to showcase the musical talent of one of the goblin girls taught by Miss Beedle.

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Snuff / Discworld - TV Tropes

It was just another Vimes book, as brilliantly done as any other. The Truth is not about Moist Von Lipvig, but it has some City Watch characters, including Lord Vetinari, even though it is not officially part of the City Watch series whatever that means. The disgusting religion of the goblins is explored and, by the end, society is changed. Jan 13, An Odd1 rated it it was ok. But for how long? Oh, and besides the murder, Vimes calling him Sam just feels wrong has to deal with son, Young Sam, who is in the poo stage of life - and he really wants elephant poo because it goes dung.

Apr 21, Erastes rated it really liked it.

Book:Snuff - Discworld & Terry Pratchett Wiki

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Snuff 1 2 Dec 10, Refresh and try again. This made it difficult for me to focus on the main plot of the story.

Oct 19, jersey rated it liked it Shelves: Thank you for all you've done, Mr. His first novel, a humorous fantasy entitled The Carpet Peopleappeared in from the publisher Colin Smythe.

It is also a darker Discworld novel and far better than Small Gods. Good thing, because they could easily discwordl into mindless silliness otherwise.

In Snuff the critique is perhaps more heavy handed, the sentiments goodhearted rather than funny. He is one of the authors that convinced me to read in the first place, and then later on, discwordl write. Retrieved from " https: What I realised was that Pratchett really struggles, at least in this book, with the traditional mechanics of storytelling like a plot.

This was one of the more difficult novels for me, in terms of readability. First Edition Cover by Paul Kidby. Djscworld then he continued in a more thoughtful vein: Here we also have the tiniest of crimes and the greatest, although interestingly, the greatest is an individual murder, not genocide of a species. He'd tried to negotiate, and he'd tried to order the men to ssnuff avail: Preceded in the series overall by Unseen Academicalsand in the Watch series by Thud!

Where, as both you and the diiscworld grow up, you're stirred to feel what those characters people go through. Vimes and Upshot secretly board the boat just as a thunder storm arrives, making the night pitch-black and the river laden with debris and deadly.


And I found the ending part to be—odd. After teaming up with disfworld local constable, a young man called Upshot, Vimes manages to arrest those responsible for the crime.

Also, the new paperback edition of Snuff contains the first chapter of Dodger and chapters one and two of The Long Earth. Duscworld enough, his wish is granted May have been partially inspired by how all the amazing things that her British Empire was doing happened in the silences. But Lady Sybil has a way of getting her way, which is how Vimes finds himself rambling around his estate and stopping in at the Goblin's Head for a non-alcoholic pint.

It thought it was sure, and Vimes carried the banner pretty damn well.

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