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Shahid baltistani noha nade ali

Ali Naqi Nohay Agha Fayyaz Hussain Hakro Nohay Rizvia Party Nohay

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Syed Mohammad Alam Zaidi Nohay Shoukat Raza Shoukat Nohay Faraz Jafry Nohay Own Rizvi Hade Khursheed Abbas Zaidi Nohay Zawar Raja Mirjat Nohay Sabir Hussain Bukhari Nohay Sajjad Haider Nohay Mubarak Hussain Nagri Nohay Baltsitani Haider Nohay Nabeel Rizvi Nohay Owais Abbas Nohay Sajjad Naqvi Nohay Shahhid Naqi Nohay Zakir Hussain Zakir Nohay Kumail Abbas Zaidi Nohay Ghulum Ali Nohay Naeem Raza Haider Nohay Ali Yazdain Rizvi Nohay Imran Haider Zaidi Nohay Sajid Ali Umrani Nohay Farhan Ali Waris Nohay Murtaza Nagri Nohay Azeem Zaidi Nohay Tariq Butt Nohay Adnan Khuwaja Nohay Ghulum Hussain Nohay Shahid Ali Baltistani Nohay Zaheer Abbas Kazmi Nohay M Taqi Abidi Nohay Irfan Hussain Nohay Ali Abbas Shah Nohay Musifar-e-Sham Party Nohay Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Dhudial Party Nohay Shees Bijnori Nohay

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