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Chandrakauns raga

Old Form - This is an example of how quickly rags can change. The film Bhagyalakshmi features a spectacular piece composed by Viswanathan-Ramamurthy. The arohana and avarohana are symmetrical and the key to this raga lies in the MDNS region. Please Email the Editor. For quite some time Chandrakauns has been a popular rag for the lahara.

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Not one of Bhatikhande's 10 thats, but some suggest that it is Kafi - general discussion of that. When the sadharana gandhara is replaced with the antara gandhara in Hindolam, the result is the raga Chanrakauns also known as Sallabam. The old form as was mentioned by Bhatkhande has the structure:. Audav - general discussion of jati. Charulatha Mani chennai, November 08, However we must remember that the mind performs a musical inversion where the Madhyam is perceived to be the tonic.

This too is an exotic raga, full of surprises. The name Chandrakauns is interesting. The prefix "chandra" means "moon".

Old Form - This is an example of how quickly rags can change. In the Carnatic music, this raga is used in tail pieces and lighter presentation such as viruttams and bhajans.

Of love and longing

The glory of this raga shines through in this Ilaiyaraaja composition that incorporates the veena, flute and mridangam. Sa - Ma - general discussion of drone. Although this piece features the kaisiki nishadathe mood and flow indicate Chandrakauns. There are several forms of both pronunciation and spelling, Chandrakosh is the second most common pronunciation. The film Bhagyalakshmi features a spectacular piece composed by Viswanathan-Ramamurthy. June 02, In Chandrakauns the Nishad is shuddha rather than komal.

It is also surprisingly easy to perform. Where a century ago, this might have been the only form that you would hear, today you will probably only hear this in old recordings. The power of three. Modern Form - The modern and most widely accepted version of Chandrakauns is an audav rag that is essentially identical to Malkauns with one small change.

The emotive appeal is achieved when one lingers long enough in the nishada and then touches the sadja. With such an inversion, the shift from komal Ni to shuddha Ni actually increases the feeling of tension.

Raag Chandrakauns

A raga that brims with emotion chandrakaums conveys longing, delicate romance and loneliness, is Chandrakauns. Although the etymology of the term "kauns" is obscure, it generally is used to represent five note rags.

There is an old obsolete version, and there is the modern version. For more information check out "Elementary North Indian Vocal".

These scales are very recent; raag, the paucity of traditional pieces. Related Articles Catchy and classical. It is this tension that is the characteristic "massala" which makes Chandrakauns so strikingly beautiful.

It is usually used in lighter pieces; however, these days, artistes even sing ragam-tanam-pallavis in such ragas. The laharaalso known as the naghma nagmais a repetitive melody used in the accompaniment of tabla solos and in kathak pieces.


Raagabase - Chandrakauns, Thaat - Bhairavi

The raga changes in the second charanam after the jathis. Printable cchandrakauns Jan 4, In film music, Chandrakauns has been handled beautifully. Chandrakauns is a very beautiful and striking rag.

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