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Vasool raja mbbs dialogues

Poi vivasayam paarunga da. Communist na galatta pannuvaan, oora koluththuvaan. Number of User Comments:

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Irundha nalla irukumnu dhaan solren.

Kamal Haasan @ 64: 64 dialogues of the Ulaganayagan

The "laughter therapy" that caught India by storm was pilloried to the fullest here. Dialoguew s deleted by moderator not displayed on this page.

How he does it is the story. Home Entertainment Tamil Kamal Haasan After an argument with his father, Raja runs off to Madras where he becomes a debt collector hence the nickname "Vasool" meaning collectthug and gangster.

Hindi films are watched only by a small diakogues of the population in Chennai, and this film is not made for them. Namma kovil kattradha paththi pesinaalum pesuvom, aana bathroom kattradha pathi pesa maatom. En uthirathin vidhai, en uyir uthirtha sadhai, ver oruvanai pagavan enna poruthiduvena? Sneha was funny, naughty, sad and went through a gamut of emotions that did not need much work.

Anga kadamaiya meerardhukku dhaan lanjam… inga kadamaiyai seiyyardhukke lanjam. Paatha udane oru spark… Pattunu solliten I-love-you. He has done at least 10 characters like munnabhai in the past and rajs these have set the cash registers ringing! The Sneha's dad role should have been done by Girish Karnad - Very unbelievable, but believe me he will do it too good - or still better, if possible Rajinikant remember Nettrikkan?

Maybe they will still succeed, if they try, inspite of Vasool Raja. However, his maid informs Prakashraj of the true identity of Raja and humiliates him and his parents and kicks them out.

Kamal Haasan @ 64 dialogues of the Ulaganayagan | Entertainment News, The Indian Express

There are lot of PJ's from Crazy mohan and he must remember that he is not writing dialogues for a stageplay. Top Feel good movies in Tamil Tamizh Cinema. Thanks to ur prayers Manasa maathikittu mannippu kekkara manushan irukkane… Enna porutha varaikkum avan dhaan Saamy.

Overall, it is a laughing riot and a bit more humorous than the Hindi version. I felt very depressed after watching this remake. Comparison by bp View MyPage on Aug 30, I think u can see the maturity and the ease with which kamal does such roles as in vasool raja. I found the whole movie hilarious. For god's sake, dont compare kamal and sanjay please!!!

He will always remain the Ulaganayagan in years to come. Prabhu was just as funny making the movie more hilarious. Both movies suck I thought both munnabhai and vasoolrajah were bad movies.

Naada veeda-ndradhu dhaan mukkiyam.

Prakash Raj acted extremely well. Dutt with dialgoues sleepy eyes and dumbstruck expressions has mouthed some inane dialogues in this insipid venture. Pulla kutti ellam padikka veiyunga da. It has become a habit for Kamal, one of India's most talented actor, to make senseless slapstick comedies after every serious big budget movie.

Discussion on Vasool Raja MBBS: The review - Page 3

Overall, this is not one of Kamal's best comedies but is a real-good time-pass flick. The supporting actors really enhance the movie. When compared with the original Sanjay Dutt starrer, vaool movie is technically cheap and haphazardly made.

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