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Agrobase software

To do this we send out a newsletter every 2 months direct to your email inbox with information relevant to you and your location. Customization for pedigree nomenclature and genotype naming. Upgrades and bug fixes. Contact us at info agronomix. Good industry practise requires storing complete backups at a location off your premises.

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Collecting data in the field or the greenhouse has never been easier. Display images with varieties and genotypes, and their data. Spatial analysis of variety trials.

Meeting our clients' needs forms the foundation of our continuous software development.

Discovery Tutorials If you have an account please log in at the top of the page to see the Discovery Tutorials. You will learn many of the basic tasks, operations, features, and capabilities of the software that are required for more advanced proficiency. Relational storage of field trial and plant breeding data together with advanced biometrics.

Is the software relatively easy to learn and how difficult will it be train others? Start by watching our 3-minute introduction Here you will learn how we can help your Plant Breeding, Crop Development or Variety Testing program.

Add traits to experiments and nurseries. Single or multiple seed lots for any genotype, with all transactions maintained. This is really the fastest and most immediate way to begin your assessment for your needs.

Agrobase - Data Collection Tablet Software by Agronomix Software Inc. | Agriculture XPRT

Making data collection easier allowing you to focus on developing the next royalty-paying variety. We will not assume any knowledge of statistics beyond the very basic. Data Editing Edit data in spreadsheet view or individual plot view. We are a proud member of the Microsoft Partner Network.

Client Access Login | Plant Breeding Software from Agronomix

We can arrange private courses on your location or at a location of your choosing and customized to fit your specific needs. Visit us at booth 6! Add traits to experiments and nurseries. Synchronize one, many or all experiments and nurseries with a single action.

Data Editing Edit data in spreadsheet view or individual plot view. Store many experiments and nurseries doftware the tablet - limited only by the tablets' internal memory. Upgrades and bug fixes. We can even do this with your own data if you would like to send us some files from your research program — past experiments, entry lists, and more.

The AGROBASE Plant Breeding Software Solution

The software is also well adapted to variety testing programs. Information header displays important information for the current experiment or nursery.

The more we know about your needs in plant breeding or variety testing software, the better we can interact with you. Will I receive help in implementation, and how is softwarf often done?

If you have a strong working knowledge of AGROBASE Generation II, or have completed the introductory first two days, then these next two days will give you a good proficiency in doing basic data analysis, as well as the varietal comparisons, image display, and plant breeding modules. We understand how important your research is to you and have developed a solid and reliable system to help you succeed in your research while maintaining a competitive advantage and realizing a return on your investment.

Companies Agronomix Software Inc. Generation II can store more than numeric, date, and character data. Display images for traits, such as different stages or types of disease reactions or insects, different scores for growth stages, and more.

Windows 7, 8, 8. We utilize the advanced analytic and data visualization tools of open-source R, which is evolving rapidly, to empower our customers with an increasing array of biometrical and bioinformatic tools for their research.

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