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Grupo Montez de Durango Banned By Radio La Imagen de Malverde by duranguense band Grupo Montez de Durango has been banned by several American radio stations, even though its been sitting pretty at the top of the charts. I left during the middle of their performance before any fights broke out and also to get out of the parking lot before the crowd. The next band that played was Montez De Durango, their music consisted of duranguense and corrido songs. The group signed with a Mexican independent label and released El Sube y Baja in They also played some zapatiados which got a lot of people dancing and giving loud cheers to the band.

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And sometimes, the movie freezes and doesnt proceed further. I personally have no patience for this movie. And he leaving his fiancee for her is the most selfish thing they can ever do. Hats of to the movie makers for giving such a great movie We tried to watch it 4 times