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Slackware 13.37

The distribution is driven by Volkerding, but it's not a one-man show. Want to give Slackware Linux for the fun of it Posted Mar 25, 0: It's been nice long ride! Well, I decided to give it a spin.

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Also a great article, stating exactly what Slackware is. It was stated in the changelog entries that they had at least 5 years of support. You should force them to 1.37 in the bootloader using front-panel switches instead, at least then they learn the machine architecture. Well, I decided to give it a spin.

The Slackware Linux Project: Slackware Release Announcement

Come on, Natty Narwhal! For custom installations or 3rd-party packages, Slackware relies on the user to ensure that the system has all the supporting system libraries and programs required by the program.

I'm a Slackware user from 3. Stuck with Slackware through the rest of college.

Mature Linux Users Posted Mar 24, 7: But, for cluster computing, where I just want the thing to boot with a set of libraries that support my own apps, I'm really enamoured with ttylinux Volkerding 17 Jul At least, I am. Not to mention Beefy Miracle.

Posted Mar 24, 6: When introducing the shoe, he thought he would make a lot of money out of this.

For a complete list of included packages, see the package list. One example is the 2.

Linux for the fun of it Posted Mar 23, 4: Mature Linux Users Posted Mar 26, 6: A month later, he switched from XFree86 to X. Due to the possibility of dependency issues, many users choose to compile their own programs using community-provided SlackBuilds.

Posted Apr 23, The name "Slackware" stems from the fact that the distribution started as a private 13.377 project with no intended commitment. Linux for slaackware fun of it Posted Mar 23, 3: Stop by and share your knowledge!

Slackware - Wikipedia

I will give Slackware slackwaee shot though, probably within the next few months at most. I value stability far more than I slackwarw bells and whistles. Check out our documentation site, docs.

Posted Mar 28, Linux for the fun of it Posted Mar 23, 6: When you install, say, Ubuntu you have to start adding and adding and adding stuff just to get to the point where you can compile and execute hello, world: All logos and graphics are copyrighted.

It was a broken distro so it was a rather bittersweet introduction. This includes the KOffice productivity suite, networking tools, GUI development with KDevelop, multimedia tools including the amazing Amarok music player and K3B slqckware burning softwarethe Konqueror web browser and file manager, dozens of games and utilities, international language support, and more.

Retrieved 26 May Thus, ease of use may vary between users: This article is about the Linux distribution.

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