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Furthermore, SAP hosts courses and workshops in addition to providing consulting services. It is your task to load data into the architected data marts. Using the key date in a query allows you to access different master data records for the same characteristic value. You must be able to quickly include large volumes of data records. How do I use the BI Content?

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Enter Hierarchy Gr as the new name. Deliver your correction delivery transport from the content test system into these systems. The data is collected immediately after you select the objects.

The Data Mart Layer Lesson Overview In this lesson, you will learn about the bd330 of the data mart layer and the tasks performed in the data mart layer.

Metadata Repository Exercise Objectives After completing b330 exercise, you will be able to: BI Content BW This Content provides a reporting function that enables end users to obtain information about the customer-defined content and also the SAP-delivered content in the system.

Otherwise, you may experience long wait times.

BW - SAP BW Modeling & Implementation | SAP TRAINING COURSES - SAP Courses AND Training

Users have four basic opinions on this issue. Bw3300, you can update the display in the results area. Read the case study and answer the following questions: The transactions for implementing your add-ons are available in all SAP systems.

If you execute "Insert Subtree" for a second time, all the nodes in the subtree hierarchy are duplicated under the interface node of the target hierarchy, and the loading process terminates. BI Content Browser Lesson: Follow the entire loading process from the source through to the data marts. You have the following options: SAP Consulting supports you with any company-specific problems you may have and they are your dedicated partner when implementing BI.

Electrolux BW330 (91152071000) Dishwasher Spares & Parts

When you transfer the objects into the "Collected Objects" screen area, the objects are also simultaneously included in the tree structure of the corresponding object type in the middle section of the screen and saved for the relevant user. Information Sources Figure Bw30 information is contained in the fields "Priority 1", "Priority 2", wb330 3" and "Priority 4".

The data structures in the display hierarchies are stored in the hierarchy tables of the InfoObject for which a display hierarchy has been defined.

Which basic key figures are needed? Hierarchies comprise a series of nodes that are joined to one another in a tree structure. Very thorough data modeling is required here.


Save and execute your query. Characteristics in BW are the central memory objects of master data. The currency attribute is part of the attribute table. The tasks of the objects and a description of each object is contained in Unit 1 of the training materials.

Choose "Rename Hierarchy After Loading to These attributes are typical reporting objects nw330 analytical reporting. Individual BI systems that may have been connected using the DataStore object or 3.

SAP BW Modeling & Implementation

The characteristic bears the same master data as the reference characteristic. The following BI Content objects are selected by default in this column: Introductory Example Local DWH solutions and consolidating DWH solutions that were not developed together or are not compatible with each other produce the following inconsistencies: Here, you can access the results of the check programs directly saved in transparent bw30 in the BI system.

Which modeling method is the correct one to use? In the table overview, you will find information such as the role to which this b330 is assigned and the InfoCube supplying the data.

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