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Ces 5.0 engine reviewer

To protect against corrosion Question asked KJFY Loss of supply to one of the bearings. Unknown October 1, at 7:

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Unknown October 8, at When handling drugs… Selected answer: Clean the strainer more frequently and clean out the bilge well at the first opportunity. Wrong answer summary Installation: SELD Change operation to the third generator set, preparing the original set for repair of the failure and switching to manual mode until repair is carried revifwer.

The aim of fire detection is: Unknown September 3, at 4: Unknown August 5, at 7: Unknown August 7, at 4: CWBD The number of persons should be clearly stated on the geviewer of the boats bow.

IQHC Washing and polishing floors, chemical cleaning of furniture and carpets in cabin and other common rooms.

Quiz CES Department: engine. Level: support. -

HTQN Air in the cooling water system. Finding a CES 5. AODG Immediately stop the discharging. After completion of a cleaning job on some machinery components at sea, the engine watch rating is instructed to dispose of a small amount of dirty diesel oil which is left in a bucket.

RTOK Both master and shipping company. VBNE Report to relevant authorities.

Ответы на CES 4.1 / 5.0

XTVH To keep constant surveillance of machinery and auxiliary systems. SBBT The boiler be allowed to cool down by its own after shut down.

SAMO Yes, if engaged by the owner. Sir pa share naman po nung ces 4.

Pinoy Seaman: FREE REVIEWER: CES and CES

BRXF Either of the mentioned alternatives. If the area is inaccessible report to their superior. TUBR Broken water seal, oil outside the top disc.

QPJL Inner diameter of impeller is bigger due to cavitations, or outer diameter reduced by erosion. GTDU Norwegian law unless otherwise provided in or pursuant to a statue? JVBE The chain is slack, dirty turbocharger or glogged turbocharger filter.

PKPS To get the oil into the cylinder when the piston is in the right position. Unknown August 10, at 2: You must not attempt to move a casualty carelessly, if you suspect patient with: SDUS 2 on new-builds only.

QRVV to jump from a height of 4. We have received your request and a Seagull representative will be in contact with you shortly. IWIF 3 litre IWNB To prevent the steam and water in the boiler from discharging out by the feed line, if a feed line fracture or a joint in the cess blows.

AWAO To improve the sealing surface between valve and seat during operation of the engine compensate for the bending of the valve disc caused by combustion pressure. SRTH All the measurements mentioned must be performed. DPYV when its area is of 4m?

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