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Intego x6

For this reason, Intego has decided to integrate the functions of its acclaimed VirusBarrier antivirus and NetBarrier personal firewall programs into a single application, optimized to manage the combined attacks that are increasingly common. ContentBarrier Secure X9 Version Number of renewal seat options: NetUpdate is installed when you install any Intego application. Upgrades to the following bundle:

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VirusBarrier X6 | The Mac Security Blog

By default, this menu is displayed. Mac Internet Security Version NetUpdate gives you the possibility to purchase them immediately from the Intego website.

Click x66 button, or open NetUpdate from Intego menu located on the right side of the menu bar. You can download update files to one computer then copy or move them to the NetUpdate archive folder.

If you check this option, NetUpdate automatically connects inego the NetUpdate server to check for updates. For example, below you can see this menu item for VirusBarrier X6.

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Filter updates updates are available through NetUpdate only. Intego X6 Getting Started Manual. If NetUpdate is open under one account, and you switch users, you won't be able to open it under any other accounts. A window will open advising you of this. Click on this icon to change this information collection.

If you check this option, NetUpdate will not alert you when it discovers new filters available for installation, but will install them immediately in the background. Intego NetUpdate is installed as an application when you install any Intego software.

NetUpdate offers several configuration options. Intego software offers an evaluation mode, to allow you to discover how the programs work before purchasing them. A dialog box displays asking you for your administrator's password; only users with administrator's privileges ihtego download and install updates using NetUpdate.

Inttego you have already installed other Intego software, this button will show Upgrade, because some components common to all Intego programs will already be present on your hard disk.

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After you enter the correct lntego, NetUpdate will automatically download the selected update s to your computer, and will install it or them as soon as the download has completed. The first time you use NetUpdate, you will need to enter your e-mail address and a password in NetUpdate's preferences:.

A streamlined interface across all products for ease of use. The About screen tells you that the program inteego in evaluation mode, and shows the time remaining in evaluation mode.

Intego X6 Getting Started Manual

Upsells to the following bundle for renew: If you have a DVD, open that disk. This list shows, for each program, the name, version, size of the update, and expiration date of your subscription if any.

VirusBarrier X6 protects Macs from thieves, hackers and intruders, and warns users automatically if any suspicious activity occurs. ContentBarrier X6 Version When Intego software runs in evaluation mode, it is fully-functional for 30 days. Number of renewal seat options: No matter which Intego software you are using, this manual provides valuable information for installing and working with your software. Upgrades to the following bundle: VirusBarrier Inteyo If you are installing Internet Security Barrier, click the arrow itnego to the right of the Install button and choose Internet Security Barrier from the popup menu to select all the programs for installation.

Intego's Macintosh software installers do not intrgo the Windows software programs contained in the Intego Dual Protection packages. Choose at which frequency the updates will occur. If you click Check, the installer will check with Intego's servers to see if updates are available, then install the updated versions of the programs.

Click the Uninstall Software button, then select the software you wish to uninstall, and click Uninstall.

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